Delegate information


Greece is a member of the Schengen Agreement. This means that there are no requirements for official travel documents other than national ID cards and passports. Formal invitations to the Conference can be provided to delegates who request them. Regarding transportation, please visit the related webpage.

Invitation letters

Requests for a letter of invitation should be addressed to Please note that the registration fee must be paid in full before sending a request for a letter of invitation. Participants outside Schengen Agreement countries who require an invitation letter for their institution/organization should submit their request via an official domain name mail service. Emails received through common services such as Yahoo!, GMail, etc. will not be accepted and will be ignored. Please consult the guidelines of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Entry in Greece and where to apply for visa in most of the countries. Detailed information can be also found at Schengen Visa Info. The Conference organizers cannot contact any Greek Embassy or Consulate Οffice on your behalf so if you require a visa, please begin the application process as soon as possible.

Internet Access

There will be free wireless access to the Internet in the LIBER2017 conference venue.


Greece as most other E.U. countries uses Euro as its currency. Other currencies are not accepted, but they can be exchanged at exchanges and Banks. Banks operate from 08:00 through to 14:30 from Mondays to Thursdays, and 14:00 on Fridays. A Bank store is located in the University campus, five minutes walking distance from the conference venue, while other nearby Bank offices and ATMs can be found at the map below. To check for updated currency conversions, please visit


Please bear in mind that July is one of the hottest months and summer sun shines brightly. You have to be extra cautious and use sunscreens with S.P.F. rating of 30 or higher when your skin is exposed to the sunlight, even when you are walking in the city. You could easily get a sunburn without even noticing. It is also advisable to wear hats, sunglasses and lightweight clothes.

The temperature might exceed 30 Celsius degrees and many summer nights in Patras can also be extremely humid. Make sure to have something for mosquito bites with you.


The map shows points of interest, grouped by colour. You can find the location of the Conference and Cultural Center, as well as Hotel locations, points for social events, associated hotels, etc. In some cases, such as the Pharmacy or Taxi spots, the points are indicative.

Opening Times

Shops open between 08:30 and 09:00 in the morning and stay open up to 21:00. Some local stores may have an afternoon break usually from 14:30 to 17:00, but large firm stores and market stores stay open during the whole day. Most central stores have POS devices to accept payments by credit or debit cards, but small ones might not have and therefore accept only cash.


Greece uses standard 230 V European sockets, which makes adaptors for delegates travelling with U.K. and U.S. electrical appliances a necessity.


Local transportation options include:

Bus: The Number 6 bus for Rion, departs from Patras City Center, runs every ten to fifteen minutes and connects the University with the city. Since some buses go directly to the town of Rion, bypassing the campus, it is advisable to ask before boarding if the specific bus goes to Panepistimio (University). Tickets cost 1.70 € (one way). More details at

Train: Patras Suburban Railway starts from the Central Train Station every hour and reaches the station of Kastellokampos 20’ later. From there, one can use the bus connection for the University with the same ticket. Tickets cost 1.40 Euros and can be purchased on the train.

  • Departure from Patras Central Station to University: XX:23, every hour from 6 am to 22 pm.
  • Departure from University to Patras Central Station: XX:56, every hour from 6 am to 22 pm.

Taxi: There are about one thousand taxis available in the city of Patras. Many taxis work on a 24-hour basis. You can hire a taxi at a taxi stand. Main taxi stands are located at the George B’ Square, as well as at the Bus and Train Central Stations. Taxis can also be requested by telephone using one of the following numbers 1300, 2610 346700, 2610 450000. The average cost for one way ride is about eight Euros.


In case you would like to enjoy a swim in the sea, there are nearby beaches easily accessible by bus or even by foot. Some are organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, for which you don’t have to pay, only to order something from the café or restaurant that owns them. This is usually common in Greek beaches, except for the ones that are very popular and touristic. In case you are not certain, you better ask in advance.

You will definitely find sandals or flip flops quite handy, make sure to have at least one pair with you, socks can be unbearable at 35 degrees!

Useful Telephone Numbers

In case of an accident or any other incident during your staying in Patras, please call one of the following telephones asking for assistance.

  • Ambulance: 166
  • Police: 100
  • Emergency (European phone number): 112
  • Fire Department: 199
  • Tourist Police: 1571
  • Duty Hospitals, Clinics & Pharmacies: 1434

Useful Links

For more information about travelling, transportation, events, weather and moving around Greece and Patras, please visit the following sites: