LIBER has selected three innovative ideas that pose new questions, opportunities and challenges to the research library community. This session enables you to gain understanding of the ideas. What are the common features of these ideas? What are strengths and what would the impact on the current research library ecosystem be? Which ideas would possibly gain most traction in LIBER and in the world beyond LIBER? Guided by these and other questions we will interactively explore the ideas, find ways to move them forward and try to formulate strategic choices ahead for the research library community.

Elliott Shore, Association of Research Libraries, USA


  • The Library Blockchain to RDM
    Rob Grim, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • European Print Initiatives Collaboration (EPICo)
    Daryl Yang, UK Research Reserve, UK and Wolfgang Mayer, Vienna University Library, Austria
  • HuMetricsHSS: Towards Value-Based Indicators in the Humanities and Social Sciences
    Simone Sacchi, LIBER