The Conference and Cultural Centre is an autonomous meeting and exhibition complex of spaces. It is built on a 6 acre area, located in the University Campus, 7 Km east of the city of Patras, in the area of Rion. It has been built on two levels in a total surface area of 9.300 m2 and may host up to 2000 participants.


The Conference and Cultural Centre includes:

  • A Main Hall of 930 seats, with four translation studios and a 700 m2 theatrical stage (including its facilities) which is designed to host large orchestras, concerts and theatrical performances.
  • Underground areas for the construction, storing and safe keeping of theatre sets totalling a surface area of 900 m2.
  • A 250 seat Auditorium containing a theatrical stage, its back-stage area and four translation¬† studios.
  • Four Halls for parallel meetings (one hall of 120 seats and three of 75 seats each), with two translation studios each.
  • Four Seminar Halls of 50 seats and four of 45.
  • A 200 m2 Hall for multiple use.
  • A two level reception area with a total surface area of 1100 m2.
  • 60 m2 office space for the administrative support of conferences¬† and other meetings.
  • Office space for the Centre’s administration.
  • Auxiliary areas.
  • Accessibility for the disabled.

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